Rehearsal Rooms

At present we have a main rehearsal room, acoustically treated with a double insulated ceiling and air conditioned.

This room has been kitted out with a powered PA system, consisting of a Samson 24 channel 4 Bus mixer, and 2 Wharfedale Titan 15” active speakers.

The room measures 6m x 4m and also doubles as a live room, adjoining a control room with a self contained studio [ click the ‘Studio’ Home page tab ]. This makes it possible for live demo’s to be recorded while rehearsing, or of course the studio can also be booked for standard recordings.

Easy access is provided for as the premises are situated just off a main arterial rd, Jan Smuts ave [see Map]

The premises are secured, with a perimeter fence on the property and a gated entrance to the room. This entrance is double volume to facilitate ease of loading of equipment in and out of the room. There is ample parking with a loading bay right outside the room.

We are in the process of adding more rooms to meet demand, so if you are interested, contact us.