Bringing industrial standards to the music industry….

Housed inside the Performance Academy we also have a repair division – some people say we’re magicians, and yeah, a touch of magic now and then, but mostly it’s science. One thing is for sure, though, if we can’t fix it – nobody can.

We repair:

All makes of musical, studio and PA equipment : synthesizers, keyboards, amplifiers, effects processors, compressors, pre-amps, graphic equalizers, analogue and digital mixers, speakers, active studio monitors, disco equipment, stage lighting, lighting fader controls &amp, lights, disco effects lighting, smoke machines, DAW pre-amps, mic pre amps and more (enquire within).

One of our specialities is vintage equipment, including classic analogue synthesizers [such as Roland, Korg, Moog, ARP etc], Neve mixers, Manley effects, and many more. It’s further possible for us to mount this gear into custom studio racks and fittings if so desired, thereby marrying vintage equipment with 21st century audio requirements.