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Drums Lessons


Our exclusive drums teacher Sonnet la Grange offers one-on-one lessons at our studios and online.


Sonnet is one of South Africa’s top female drummers and has been playing professionally for 25 years.

As resident drummer for Richard Loring’s Theatre in Girl Talk for 5 years, resident drummer for Radio Jacaranda’s Host Martin Bester for 4 years, and opening act for One Direction’s South African Tour and numerous other bands and shows, both locally and internationally,  Sonnet has paved the way to show that it doesn’t matter who you are, when you start, or why you start, if you put in the work and have the right attitude, dreams can come true.

Sonnet is also endorsed by major drum brands, TAMA Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Skins and Sky Gel Int.

Sonnet is a very passionate, fun teacher and her main focus is on inspiring students and arming them with solid skills to reach their full potential in drums and beyond. Lessons are catered for each individual student at all levels, beginner to advanced.

You can also follow her on Instagram @ sonnybgud101  and   @ idrumletsplay

Drums lessons for all ages and levels:

From kids to seniors;

From beginner to advanced.

Some of the skills you learn during our lessons:

  • coordination

  • sight reading

  • ear training

  • stick control

  • timing

  • working with metronome

  • musicality

  • music interpretation

  • technique

  • discipline

  • independence

Coaching for Exams:

  •    Trinity College London,

  •    ABRSM,

  •    Rockschool

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