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Guitar and
Bass Guitar Lessons


We offer one-on-one lessons at our studios and online.


Our guitar tutors are qualified teachers and performers with many years of experience.


Our fun, but challenging guitar and bass guitar lessons provide many perks to our students, including:


  • Proper teaching program, built for each student individually, based on student’s level, age and music goals,

  • Growing student’s confidence,

  • Learning to play solo and with backing track,

  • Accompany other instruments,

  • Obtain performance skills,

  • Opportunity to practice in band,

  • Simultaneous playing and singing.


Depending on the student’s level and needs, our guitar lessons will include


  • building strength, speed, and accuracy

  • technique and theory:

rhythm, strumming, chords, lead guitar, riffs, muting, finger picking…,

  • aural skills (musical hearing),

  • application of learnt techniques and skills in performing,

  • and many more. 

Guitar and bass guitar lessons for various ages and levels:

From kids to seniors;

From beginner to advanced.

Various styles,
Pop to Classical

Coaching for Exams:

  •    Trinity College London,

  •    ABRSM,

  •    Rockschool

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