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Music Production Lessons

Music production is a multifaceted process and involves writing, creating, recording and preparing music for listeners to enjoy.


If you would like to help artists to realise their ideas for their music, if you are an artist yourself who would like to create and record your own music or if you are a hobbyist and would like to improve your skills in your home studio - this is an affordable alternative to expensive audio engineering or music production schools and / or courses. 

• Learn how to record, mix, master and share your music with the world 

• Learn how to mic various instruments / voices in the studio environment

• Learn about professional audio equipment, signal flow, software (Digital Audio Workstation, plugins and more) and hardware (microphone types, pre-amps, compressors & limiters, synthesisers, MIDI instruments, mixing desks, audio interfaces and others).

• Learn how you can produce full tracks with nothing but a laptop and a pair of headphones.

We follow the Rock School Music Production curriculum, but tuition will always be tailored to suit your specific needs and goals.

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