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We offer music lessons in our studios and online:

  • Piano and Keyboard,

  • Violin, Fiddle and Viola, 

  • Voice and Vocal,

  • Guitar and Bass Guitar;

  • Music Theory

  • Coaching for Graded exams and Diploma (Teaching and Performance): ABRSM, Trinity College London, Rockschool.

Our teaching methodology is based on British and Russian music school systems. 

And the whole learning process is rather creative practice, than fixed program.

All lessons are individually tailored to meet student's specific needs and goals.

The whole teaching process is designed in a clear, easy to understand manner.

However we aim to make learning interesting, so our students obtain technical and performance skills, various practices and lots of fun.

Our tutors are professional performers and qualified teachers. They have years of experience and specific knowledge of teaching different groups: from children (4 years old and up) to seniors, beginners to advanced, learning music for hobby or serious goals in music career.

For each group we have proper approach and teaching techniques.​

Lessons for kids

Children from 5 years and up are welcome to sign up for tons of Musical fun with lessons designed to suit the child's learning pace and personality. If you prefer your child prepare for Graded Examinations and get an extra-mural that offers Educational progress, we have the perfect Tutor that will get your child prepared and confident. No matter what your goals or preferences might be regarding how you want to present Music Education to your child, we have a suitable Tutor waiting to start the journey.

Lessons for Adults

We offer anybody a chance to get back to some Guitar or Piano lessons you recall liking in High School but never made time for...

Or perhaps you reckon you could sing quite nicely and would like to try release your inner Aretha? Performance Academy has programs for Adults wanting to perform in Bands, relaxing with a new hobby or even Graded Examinations for the Academically inclined.


Our Lesson fees:

* R 280 per 30 minute lesson

* R 320 per 45 minute lesson

* R 350 per 60 minute lesson

You can opt for our most popular Monthly option of coming once a week on the same day/time slot to ensure steady progress, or you can book more or less depending on your Schedule and Learning needs.

Please note that all lesson fees are invoiced for up-front according to your agreed upon amount for the month/term. All invoicing and payments are done directly by the Tutors.

You can choose your method of payment (EFT, Cash).

Lesson Fees
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