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If it is hobby or you are serious about music career; for yourself or for your child – we have solution for you.


We offers one-on-one lessons at our studios and online piano and keyboard lessons.

Our lessons are individually designed and flexible, based on student’s music goals and level and progress.

Learning material is taught in clear and easy to understand manner.

We offer variety of fun and practice during our lessons:

  • Playing solo,

  • Accompany singer,

  • Simultaneously play and sing,

  • Learn to play with other instruments,

  • Practice playing in band.


We teach different styles – modern and classical, pop, jazz… Playing different styles helps keeping your passion of your music instrument alive.


Applying modern technologies (from dedicated apps to synthesizers) in our lessons enhances the teaching process.

Our teachers know how to mix hard work with fun, help through challenges and routine, keep you interested and nourish your passion in music.

Coaching for Exams:

  •    Trinity College London,

  •    ABRSM,

  •    Rockschool

What we teach

While having fun playing favourite songs or pieces, our students can develop essential and advanced skills:

  • Proper hands and fingers position

  • Playing techniques

  • Reading and interpreting notes

  • Aural skills (hearing, recognizing and interpreting)

  • Harmony, rhythm, patterns recognition

  • Playing by memory and by sheets

  • Coordination (left-right hands, ear-hands, eye-hands)

  • Accompanying and solo perfomance

  • Public performance experience

  • And more…

Piano and Keyboard lessons for kids.


Our teachers have expertise in teaching kids from as young as 5 years old.

With kids the lessons are not only about learning the instrument and theory, but growing confidence and self-esteem, learning to focus, multi-tasking, having fun...


Our teachers ensure to teach little ones in understandable manner, consistently developing their skills and knowledge.

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