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Crash Course Q & A

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

So here is a quick blurb to give you guys more information on our current promotion:

Q "Can I apply the promotion to multiple instruments?"

A "Certainly, we apply the discount per instrument and not per student."

Q "Can current students get a discount?"

A "Yes, but only if they sign up for a different instrument than their current one"

Q "What are the prices?"

A "You can choose between the 60 mins @ R925, 45mins @ R850 or 30mins @ R714."

Q "What happens at the end?"

A "Your Teacher will offer you a regular slot if you wish to continue, otherwise if you did not enjoy or find a spark with your chosen instrument you can try something else maybe? We have plenty of instruments and great teachers available to assist you in choosing the right instrument for you.

Q "What are the T's and C's"

A "It's pretty basic:

* All courses are to be paid for up front for the month to secure your time slot.

* Lessons are booked upon availability.

* Cancellations to be done 48 hours prior to booked lesson time.

* Any lessons missed without cancellation procedure are forefeited.

* Bookings no later than May 6th for current promotion. "

So now that you have some more information on our Crash Course, why don't you pop us a mail or give a call to book your Course while space is available.


Marissa Vermaak

083 660 2850

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