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Some great resources for learning piano

Posted by Angela

There’s a lot of great resources for piano students, and it’s hard to say, which is the best. All depends on student’s level, likes, goals….

Here’s just a few greatly enjoyed by my students and myself.

1. The Rockschool Piano Method. Popular Piano for Beginners.

This book makes practising with my little students so much fun! It has musical examples, pictures, games and pieces to learn and play. And it has awesome backing tracks as well as accompaniment parts for teachers.

And this way, a monotone practice becomes piece becomes fun duet with teacher or an exciting solo performance with backing track.

Kids adore the upbeat tracks and perform the practice pieces with enthusiasm!

2. Pam Wedgewood. It’s never too play piano. Beginner piano tutor.

I use this great book with my adult students who like some challenges.

It also goes with its awesome backing tracks in enclosed CD.

Practice pieces in various styles, including remakes of well-known tunes, different tempo, and of course awesome backing tracks. It will not let one get bored for sure!

3. Pam Wedgewood. Jazzin’ about. Fun pieces for Piano/Keyboard duet.

“Cool syncopation, funky riffs and smooth, stylish tunes – from dynamic to nostalgic, Pam Wedgwood’s series “Jazzin’ About” has it all”

That’s one for intermediate and higher level.

Playing duet is so much joy and fun! This book has great pieces composed by the author for duet, that students can play together, or with a teacher.

It’s a trite but true that lessons must be fun. That’s what every teacher is aiming for. And what every student deserves. And great resources, like ones above, could be quite handy for that purpose.

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