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Singing and Vocal Lessons



Singing is natural. It uses the same system as speech, and everyone can learn to sing.

Our qualified voice and vocal teachers with many years of experience,

teach our students to sing naturally and freely, helping them to:

-  reduce strains,

-  develop skills and learn technique, without damaging their voice,

-  grow in confidence.



We aim to make teaching fun and exiting. Our students can learn and practice:


  -  singing solo,

  -  signing with backing tracks or piano accompaniment,

  -  simultaneous singing and playing piano or guitar,


and have opportunity to mash up with other students to practice in band performance.


During our lessons, in addition to joy of singing favourite songs, our students will learn and obtain:

  • proper breathing, singing with proper support;

  • proper technique and how to apply it to different styles;

  • aural skills (musical hearing);

  • how to sing notes in a free and easy manner;

  • extend their range;

  • song performing;

  • essential music theory;

  • and more.


Our voice and vocal tutors offer opportunity to learn and practice to sing and play piano / keyboard simultaneously.

Lessons in studios


Online lessons

One-on-one lessons, designed to meet each student’s needs, voice, talents, limitations and goals.

Singing lessons for various ages and levels:

  • From kids to seniors;

  • From beginner to advanced.

Coaching for Exams:

  •    Trinity College London,

  •    ABRSM,

  •    Rockschool

Various styles

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