Meet our Tutors

Lebz Muzo
Lebz Guitar tutor.jpg

*Guitar tutor, performer, and composer

*Tutor at: Rishile Primary School, Laanglagte Community Centre, MusicWorX, Music Connection...

*classic, folk rock, jazz, mbhaqanga

*Performed at various events: 2010 World Cup opening; Marie Claire, Edgars, Hollard and Nedbank Awards ceremonies, SAICA Leadership Conference, 'Joy of Jazz', 'ABSA Soweto' and Soweto Arts Festivals;

*First prize winner for the 'Coca-Cola Pop Star Wannabe' competition

*And his talent has no limits: Lebz also plays drums, ukulele, clarinet, accordion, bass guitar and currently learning to play the violin


* Piano, Vocal and Theory Tutor.

* Grew up in Kyrgyzstan.


* Master's Degree in Teaching, Performing and Accompanying, Kyrgyz National Music Academy.

* Toured Russia and Central Asia with a Chamber Orchestra.

* Her Creativity doesn't stop at Music, Angela uses her Magic hands for Arts and Crafts as well.

*Visit Facebook @angelavocalpiano

Dr. Olha

* Violin, Viola, Theory and Piano Tutor.

* Comes from the Ukraine.

* Received her PhD. in Violin from the Ukrainian National Music Academy.

* Performed in 72 Countries and Toured Europe with an Orchestra.

* Olha is literally the toughest cookie on the block...I mean she is also a qualified personal trainer. But she has only ONE weakness and that comes in the form of a Coffee Bean. She loves a good latte, but it won't make up for not practicing!


 * Teaches Guitar, Bass guitar and Piano.

 * Has been performing in bands of all kinds of genre's since the age of 11.

 * If you're a student of his you know his one and only rule is "To have FUN!"

 * He runs the School's Band Program and presently Directs two bands who have performed at Venues like the Ascot Hotel and Music Connection.

* Main musical goal is to be a Musical Director and works hard alongside his students to help realize their Musical Goals.

Drum teacher Sonnet.jpeg

*Drums tutor

*resident drummer for Richard Loring’s Theatre, Radio Jacaranda’s Host Martin Bester, opening act for One Direction’s SA Tour and numerous other bands and shows, both locally and internationally

*endorsed by major drum brands, TAMA Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Skins and Sky Gel Int.

*Sonnet is a very passionate, fun teacher and her main focus is on inspiring students and arming them with solid skills to reach their full potential in drums and beyond.

*follow on Instagram @ sonnybgud101.

Nick Beasley

*Piano, Guitar Vocals and Theory teacher.


*Nick is a passionate teacher who aims to inspire and engage students, while teaching them the vital skills needed to excel at their chosen instrument.


*Taught for 11 years across multiple genres.


*Enjoys a wide variety of music which helps keep students on their toes.


*Has tutored and prepared many students for Eisteddfod and local competitions and has had several student finalists.

independent tutors

We have opportunities for independent music tutors.


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