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Violin, Fiddle, Viola lessons


We offer violin and fiddle lessons in studio and online.


Our qualified and highly experienced teacher (and performer) gives private one-on-one lessons for kids (from 4 years old) and adults, beginners and advanced.


Learning violin, fiddle or viola requires a lot of work.

But we aim to make learning process enjoyable.

Therefore our lessons are challenging, but fun, designed to keep you interested and effectively learn advance in skills and knowledge.

Teaching these instruments is creative practice, rather than fixed methodology.

Our lessons are tailored for each student individually, to provide proper tuition, most suitable for student’s level, musical needs and goals.

Lessons are designed to make our students grow in confidence, develop and polish essential skills and habits, advance as performers.

Skills our students can learn:

- Correct technique;

- Aural skills, memory and rhythm skills;

- Fusion of imagination and technique;

- Correct timbre, tone and register;

- Accuracy of intonation, proper timing, tone and register;

- Slow and fast sounds;

- Development of motorics and coordination;

- Essential music theory;

- And many more.

Even more:

   - Performance skills;

   - Solo performance;

   - Performing with backing track;

   - Accompanying with other
     instruments and singer;

   - Opportunity to practice in band

Coaching for Exams:

  •    Trinity College London,

  •    ABRSM,

  •    Rockschool

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